My Resume

I grew up in the agricultural Midwest, Kansas and Missouri and graduated from Central Missouri University the home of Dale Carnegie the author of How to Win Friends and Influence People.  In 2001, I won a State Championship in Parliamentary Debate, and won the World Universities Debate Championship in 2002 with a team of 8 in Glasgow, Scotland.  

After graduating, I headed west for law school at the University of San Diego to become a business and land use lawyer. My first job was litigating construction defect cases which gave me an understanding of building and zoning codes.

Starting my own practice two years after graduating taught me more than 19 years of school.  Being a business owner for over a decade, combined with advising client's on business and land use matters for over a decade, is my resume. 

It's the subtleties that make the difference between success and failure in our competitive economy. Business is about strategic relationships and hyper awareness, which took me a few years to internalize. 

I have business and land use clients from Imperial Beach, California to Vancouver, Washington.