We reduce invoices and unpaid debts to judgments and we collect judgments. We provide assistance to our clients in collecting money owed to them due to delinquent invoices, delinquent accounts, unpaid promissory notes, judgments, etc.                                                                           

We assist in collecting all types of accounts debts and welcome the opportunity to collect your unpaid accounts. The biggest obstacle for us in helping our clients is the client's own delay. This legal process should start as soon as possible.

Every month you delay significantly impacts your ability to collect. Only lawyers -- and not collectors -- can file a debt collection lawsuit on your behalf to collect the debt owed to you. Placing your claims with us for collections lets you return your focus to your business.

We offer contingency fee arrangements in many cases meaning we are paid from a percentage of the debt we collect. Costs such as filing fees are paid by the client in advance. This arrangement enables clients to collect debts without fronting a large retainer.

If you are ready to start collecting your delinquent debts contact us ASAP!  (707) 502-2642