Project to Expand Green Business in California

November 4, 2016

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has awarded $173,479 to the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to help small and medium-size businesses across the state reduce their environmental impacts. Alexis Strauss, EPA’s Acting Regional Administrator for the Pacific Southwest, announced the grant at Mandela Foods Cooperative, in West Oakland, one of several local businesses to “go green” with CARB’s assistance.

“Pollution prevention efforts can save money by increasing efficiency and lowering utility and waste disposal costs,” said Ms. Strauss. “I encourage all California businesses looking to reduce their environmental footprint and improve their bottom-line to become certified Green Businesses.”

CARB will use the funds to improve the technical assistance and training efforts of the California Green Business Network, a non-profit organization that helps businesses adopt green practices. The program has expanded to support sustainable businesses in economically-disadvantaged communities. To receive Green Business certification, companies must demonstrate how they conserve resources and prevent pollution, such as using LED lighting and purchasing ENERGY STAR products.

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From Our Friends at the Cannabist

October 27, 2016

Coveted cannabis: Why California weed growers are pursuing appellations like wine makers
By Bruce Kennedy, The Cannabist Staff

2017 could be a pivotal year for marijuana growers and consumers alike in California – and particularly in the state’s fabled Emerald Triangle region.

If California voters approve a recreational legalization measure next month growers in Mendocino, Humboldt and Trinity Counties — the area making up the Emerald Triangle — will face a variety of new dilemmas.

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Non-Compete Agreement Ruled Unenforceable by California court

October 26, 2016

Readers will know that California marches to its own drummer when it comes to the enforceability of covenants not to compete. California Business & Professions Code Section 16600 declares these covenants void unless they fall within a statutory exception. Nonetheless, some companies continue to insist on including non-compete clauses in their agreements.  Sometimes, they even try to enforce these clauses with lamentable results.  Such was the case of Robinson v. U-Haul Co. of Cal., Cal. Super...

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Humboldt’s Experiment with ‘Track and Trace’ Marijuana

October 25, 2016
As legal states for medical and recreational marijuana continue to expand across the United States, the regulatory regimes overseeing the production and sale of pot are getting more sophisticated. In California’s Humboldt County (reputed as part of the Emerald Triangle, the largest cannabis-producing region in the country), the county government is currently operating a pilot program to “track and trace” legal medical marijuana from grower to dispensary to patient.

While “seed to sale�...

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New York Times Features Local Activist Betty Chinn

October 25, 2016

The New York Times explained:

When we asked readers last week to describe the homelessness in their communities, several urged us to take a look at the work of Betty Chinn, a homeless advocate based in Eureka. So we did. Ms. Chinn is known around Humboldt County as “the Chinese Mother Teresa.”

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Humboldt and Proposition 64

October 25, 2016

The Times Standard has improved since editor Kimberly Wear resigned after our complaints she was promoting local scams to unsuspecting consumers. As reported in the Times Standard this week: 

"Should recreational marijuana (Proposition 64) become legal in California this November, Humboldt County officials state that regulations for this new market will likely mirror those already in place for medical cannabis businesses...But because of a July court agreement, the county will have to first co...

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What is Good Business?

October 22, 2016

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California Unions Appeal Pension Ruling

October 21, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO – Four labor union groups in Marin County, California, are asking the state supreme court to reconsider a lower court ruling that would alter pension plans and retirement benefits for public employees currently on the job.

The unions filed an appeal for the California Supreme Court to review a ruling issued in August by an appeals court allowing the state to reduce the amount of benefits offered to workers who are still working.

Pension reform advocates are calling the rulin...

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Wonderland Nursery's Bad Clones and Local Politics

October 20, 2016
We have received numerous complaints about farmers purchasing infected clones from Wonderland Nursery in Garberville, California. There's also reports Wonderland Nursery is spreading a red mite in Humboldt. Wonderland Nursery is the Wal-Mart of clones for southern Humboldt. 

Is Wonderland Nursery sabotaging farmers in Humboldt by selling clones designed to fail? Is this scandal true? 

Our investigation found Wonderland Nursery is owned by Kevin Jodrey and formerly managed by Luke Bruner. Both w...
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Convictions now required to seize cash or property from criminal suspects

October 3, 2016

Law enforcement officials across California will no longer be able to share in the proceeds of most cash and property seizures unless there is a criminal conviction resulting from the case, under a bill signed Thursday by Gov. Jerry Brown.

The legislation, authored by Sen. Holly Mitchell, D-Los Angeles, represents a significant win for civil-right advocates, who have complained for years that the law gives police and sheriff agencies a financial incentive to seize cash and other assets.


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