Update on Volkswagen Diesel Fraud Case

We filed an action in Butte County on May 17, 2018 with the intent of having a jury decide punitive damages. We would be the first party to bring the defeat device case to jury trial.  Peer reviewed studies proved thousands of people with lung diseases died from the fraud.  


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Why is Humboldt Based Wild Planet Foods being sued?

Posted by Fred Fletcher on Sunday, April 10, 2016, In : Class Actions 

A consumer in California has sued Humboldt County based Wild Planet Foods for allegedly under-filling its cans of tuna, the second lawsuit of its kind, reports Legalnewsline.com. Heney Shihad filed a class action lawsuit on March 25 in US District Court for the Northern District of California Eureka Division, alleging breach of express and implied warranties, fraud, negligent misrepresentation and violations of California's Unfair Competition Law and False Advertising Law. Wild Planet Foods i...

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