Update on Volkswagen Diesel Fraud Case

We filed an action in Butte County on May 17, 2018 with the intent of having a jury decide punitive damages. We would be the first party to bring the defeat device case to jury trial.  Peer reviewed studies proved thousands of people with lung diseases died from the fraud.  


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Dubroff: Coastal Commission should tackle housing shortage

Posted by Lacy Fletcher on Friday, January 29, 2016, In : Development 

It is perhaps appropriate that an effort to unseat Charles Lester, executive director of the California Coastal Commission, might just come to a head in Morro Bay on Feb. 10.

That’s the date when the commission is set to hold a public meeting over so-called “performance issues” that have led, apparently, to an effort by the commission to replace its staff chief.

The effort to unseat Lester has set off a political dust up in Sacramento, where environmental organizations are ac...

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Will "Last Chance Grade" and a lasting economic impact on Humboldt?

Posted by Fred Fletcher on Monday, February 23, 2015, In : Development 
Ten miles south of Crescent City lies a stretch of highway prone to landslides, over 200 since the road was constructed. Caltrans is contemplating constructing a bypass farther inland.  The costs of a bypass could be over $1.07 billion. One of our supervisors Rex Bohn stated over 50 businesses travel between Crescent City and Humboldt weekly. The real number is around 340 businesses if you include the marijuana industry. If nothing is done and this portion of road is closed the economic impac...
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