Update on Volkswagen Diesel Fraud Case

We filed an action in Butte County on May 17, 2018 with the intent of having a jury decide punitive damages. We would be the first party to bring the defeat device case to jury trial.  Peer reviewed studies proved thousands of people with lung diseases died from the fraud.  


Is forming a Non-profit Marijuana Business Stupid?

Posted by Fred Fletcher on Friday, November 25, 2016 Under: Marijuana Non-profit
Humboldt criminal lawyers are preparing for a career change with cannabis becoming legal in California. As a civil and business attorney for 12 years, it is alarming to see all the rookie mistakes being made. 

Some cultivators with sizable operations are being advised to form non-profits. This could be disastrous. The State of California is no longer playing dumb. The State realizes most marijuana businesses are for-profit. AB 266 and proposition 64 both recognize cannabis businesses are for-profit endeavors. 

If you are making a profit from your canna-business and you form a non-profit, you and your lawyer may face conspiracy charges for defrauding the government.  

The State wants you to legitimize your business just like every other business. If you owned a successful micro-brewery and claimed it was a non-profit you should expect to be prosecuted. 

Criminal lawyers transitioning into business law also appear to be charging too much to incorporate and maintain the corporate filings, which should only cost a few hundred dollars a year for most businesses. California has over a dozen entity types including the LLC, s-corp, and c-corp. Choosing the correct entity is the first step in running a legitimate cannabis business. Business lawyers learn the skill of listening to clients to understand their business objectives. 

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