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Update on our appeal in the 9th Circuit Volkswagen Diesel Fraud Case

The Appellate Panel consolidated our Bosch appeal with the Volkswagen appeal and a decision should be announced soon.  If successful the appeal would set aside the largest consumer fraud settlement in history while leaving Volkswagen on the hook.  The settlement allowed Volkswagen to "hide and conceal" claims from the Court and Settlement Master Robert Mueller. 
We filed an action in Butte County yesterday with the intent of having a jury decide punitive damages. We would be the first party to bring the defeat device case to jury trial.  Peer reviewed studies proved thousands of people with lung diseases died from the fraud.  


Open Letter to Judge Killoran

Posted by Fred Fletcher on Monday, April 30, 2018 Under: Judge Killoran

Our community is flooded with pedophiles because Humboldt is an oasis for child molesters thanks to corrupt judges who share your ideology.  A search on Megan’s List will demonstrate how grave this problem is in our community.  Your children are grown so perhaps this does not concern you. 

I have practiced at the Humboldt Court for 5 years and other courts for 13 years.  The Humboldt Court is absolutely corrupt. Your firm markets itself as a premier criminal defense firm.  Last year, your partner Michael Robinson convinced perjury-judge Wilson to release a pedophile on bail and allow him access to the HSU library which hosts small children.  I overheard you and Mr. Robinson bragging about this feat as a “touchdown.”  These cases are highly publicized and when a criminal defense lawyer obtains a release of a pedophile the publicity brings large profits.

You were nominated by our local Bar to be appointed as a judge by the Governor and your appointment is to be formalized this summer.  Your decision to run is merely a decision to prevent an additional judge from being seated.  You are conspiring with the criminal defense Bar to keep only judges who will use their discretion to release pedophiles on bail while awaiting trial.  If a judge is seated who refuses to allow these predators to roam free, all the other judges will risk being voted out when their number is called.  The local Bar is conspiring with the Court to put our community at risk. 

            Just this month, the Court released another pedophile in another highly publicized case causing our community to fear for its safety.  A judge should not release a person who is a threat to the community.  The community believes these pedophiles are a threat, and arrogant judges should not so easily dismiss the community’s concerns.  Your cronies have accused Lathe Gill of being an activist judge.  But an activist judge to your circle of corruption is a judge who refuses to release dangerous pedophiles on bail.  Our local Bar prides itself on preying on the vulnerable and no one is more vulnerable than our children.

            The court protected a clerk accused of being a pedophile for years, and Judge Wilson and Reinholtsen conspired with that same clerk to rig civil cases against the powerless.  The Court allowed this predator clerk to be the sole gatekeeper to civil redress knowing he preyed on the vulnerable.  When Judge Wilson and Reinholtsen were admonished for committing perjury to obtain their paychecks the local Bar defended them.  The public was told we had a judge shortage and no one wanted to be a judge.  Our local Bar president excused the perjury crimes telling the North Coast Journal at the time:

[H]e personally feels the admonishments were "kind of unfair" to two extremely hard-working judges. "From the people I've talked to, the lawyers I've talked to, everybody really likes both of the judges that were admonished. They do a good job. And, they probably overwork themselves...Humboldt hasn't seen a contested judicial election in nearly two decades, since Wilson won his seat in 1998, and it appears being a judge in Humboldt isn't a very desirable position, even with its $179,000 annual salary.

The North Coast Journal also reported:

A local attorney said he has one civil case that's currently been pending for six years. He said the case has been ready for trial but postponed at its last eight court appearances because there haven't been any courtrooms or judges available.

Now you are conspiring with the local Bar to prevent a much need additional judge from being seated.  Your decision to run is merely an attempt to prevent an ethical person from being seated as judge.  Your campaign decision seeks to keep our Court a closed shop where corruption can continue undetected.  Lathe Gill is more than capable of performing the functions of a Superior Court judge.  We recently seated three judges nominated by the Governor from the criminal defense bar with no civil experience.

            The local Bar’s excuse that there are not enough courtrooms is false.  The Court has been conducting jury trials in the jury assembly room for slumlords but has denied access to everyone else.  Vulnerable residents are left without civil recourse which increases our homeless problem.  The Court should declare an emergency and use one of the county buildings which sit empty many days a week, at the risk of being activist.  The Federal courthouse is also open to allowing our Court the right to use its empty rooms, this being a “crisis.”

            What is happening at our courthouse is a constitutional crisis and impacts public safety.  Many of us learned in 4th grade civics class society invented civil courts to prevent violence as a means of dispute resolution.  Humboldt is a violent-crime ridden community because we do not have a civil forum to resolve disputes.  People are opting for battery, theft and murder to resolve disputes.  You and your cronies thrive in this environment.  You want more crime because it means more profits.  You want more pedophiles released because you like scoring “touchdowns.”

            The delays in civil matters only injure the vulnerable.  Someone wrongfully terminated for age discrimination cannot afford to wait years for compensation.  Only deep pockets can afford to maintain a civil suit for 5 or 6 years while waiting for trial.  Our local Bar influenced by the larger firms wants the court delays to continue because their clients are typically insurance companies who would rather not face justice.  I have practiced at the Humboldt County Superior Court for five years and our Court is rigged in favor of predators and does a great disservice to our community.

            Finally, the fact the most of our judges have endorsed you does not give you the right to campaign at the Courthouse.  I have discovered your campaign advertisements, with our judge’s endorsements, in empty benches and the restrooms at the Courthouse.  You have told me you personally met with the judges at the Courthouse to gather their endorsements, while seeking my endorsement at the Courthouse.  It is illegal for a politician to campaign at the Courthouse for a judgeship.  Please cease and desist.  Additionally, please cease and desist the robo-calls to mobile phones.  Your heavily financed campaign left a voice message on my wife’s mobile phone.  These robo-calls are also illegal, and obnoxious.

            It has been 20-years since our Community has chosen a new judge.  I will not let you and your cronies steal this opportunity from the people.   

            Withdraw from this election.

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