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Update on our appeal in the 9th Circuit Volkswagen Diesel Fraud Case

The Appellate Panel consolidated our Bosch appeal with the Volkswagen appeal and a decision should be announced soon.  If successful the appeal would set aside the largest consumer fraud settlement in history while leaving Volkswagen on the hook.  The settlement allowed Volkswagen to "hide and conceal" claims from the Court and Settlement Master Robert Mueller. 
We filed an action in Butte County yesterday with the intent of having a jury decide punitive damages. We would be the first party to bring the defeat device case to jury trial.  Peer reviewed studies proved thousands of people with lung diseases died from the fraud.  


Our Nanny Media

Posted by Fred Fletcher on Friday, May 4, 2018 Under: Local Media

"By giving us the opinions of the uneducated, journalism keeps us in touch with the ignorance of the community."

-Oscar Wilde

"Journalism allows its readers to witness history; fiction gives its readers an opportunity to live it."

- John Hersey

"Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost."

- Thomas Jefferson

Sadly, our community is losing a battle with criminals, unethical politicians, judges who commit perjury for money, and  lawyers who rig our court system for the criminal. Crime is big money and there is an intense fight to keep the profits pouring in.  

What is happening in Humboldt does not have to happen. Communities across the United States are doing much better, and all those communities are supported by brave local journalists. 

We unfortunately are serviced by a nanny media. A nanny media claims to protect a community by not ruffling any feathers, and only reporting "facts" or opinions devoid of political incorrectness, beyond regurgitating the same crap national media does. What facts or opinions are reported and which are not has the same impact as a lie. 

Our media cannot tell you what is really happening in Humboldt because they are afraid of making sponsors and lawyers angry. This means our local media is a disservice to our community.  

"No fact is more firmly established than that lying is a necessity of our circumstances—the deduction that it is then a Virtue goes without saying. No virtue can reach its highest usefulness without careful and diligent cultivation—therefore, it goes without saying that this one ought to be taught in the public schools—even in the newspapers. What chance has the ignorant uncultivated liar against the educated expert? What chance have I against Mr. Per—against a lawyer? Judicious lying is what the world needs. I sometimes think it were even better and safer not to lie at all than to lie injudiciously. An awkward, unscientific lie is often as ineffectual as the truth." 

- Mark Twain - On The Decay of the Art of Lying

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